“Childbirth, Pregnancy, and the Puerperium”

I just finished this chapter in Module 2 of my coding class-I found it confusing and it took me several frustrating tries to get a 91 on the test. Any tips/help for me?? I went on the next chapter without fully understanding this one as I really needed a break from it-I full intend to go back afterwards and wrestle with it again, but I can’t look at it any more right now. SOS!!


My next door neighbor

Last week my next door neighbor had a massive heart attack and I’m proud to say I had a small part in helping to save a life. I just helped keep her comfortable and chase the response vehicles when they turned down the street the wrong way, but I was glad to help in what little way I could. Today she gets her 3rd stent put in and is expected to be able to come home as soon as tomorrow! It makes me think how quickly life can be taken away or just as quickly saved, and to cherish every moment we have together.


What pain I’m in today! It’s so bad I put flexor patches on  my face, wrapped my face up in a bed buddy and got in bed with the mouth guard. Amerca’s Next Top Model, here I come with my “signature look”-I’m fierce! Not smiling with my eyes, I’m afraid. 😦

Date night!

Another Fri has rolled around-it’s our date night. My fiance has his own motorcycle shop so I never see him since he started his own business. We decided to make Fri our date night so we’d make sure to have some assured quality time together. No phones, visitors, or other interruptions. Previously, we had Dexter marathon-we wrapped that up and now we on to Sons of Anarchy. (I got him seasons 1&2 for his b’day) I’d never watched w/him till we got the dvd’s-now we watch together Fri AND Tue!! Here’s to Date Night!!

Butters feels better!

Butters, my yellow tuxedo tabby, seems over his little kitty cold! He had a bit of the sniffles but this am he seems better-playing with his mousie and asking to be brusha brusha! Yay-I don’t like it if my little ones aren’t 100%


Butters seems better! His appetite his better and he was playing this afternoon-maybe he just had a little kitty-cold and he’s on the mend. He’s napping happily now. I don’t like it when my kitties don’t feel well, they can’t tell me what’s wrong, I have to figure it out myself and make it better for them. Sweet dreams, Buttery boy!

My medical coding class

I’m getting back to my class now that I’ve quit the worst job ever. I didn’t realise how much time had slipped by! I’m not sure how much I should review and/or if I should just jump in where I was and try to make up for that lost time. I had just started module 2 of the actual coding. I’m hoping to use this chance to do what I’ve wanted since high school: to get into the medical field in some capacity! I love animals too, but that’s out of the question-I’m way too much of a soft touch and would bring someone home with me on a daily basis-it would be easier if I just moved into a zoo. My fiance put the limit on the 3 kitties we have now-have I introduced Spirit, Butters and Bob? But I digress. Luckily, my class comes with a great support group, and the forums are so helpful-no question is ever ignored or treated as silly-which is great for me. I took med lab tech in college for a year and a half but that was in the 80’s so I have questions a’plenty! Anyone who has helpful tips or thoughts-I welcome them!!

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