My medical coding class

I’m getting back to my class now that I’ve quit the worst job ever. I didn’t realise how much time had slipped by! I’m not sure how much I should review and/or if I should just jump in where I was and try to make up for that lost time. I had just started module 2 of the actual coding. I’m hoping to use this chance to do what I’ve wanted since high school: to get into the medical field in some capacity! I love animals too, but that’s out of the question-I’m way too much of a soft touch and would bring someone home with me on a daily basis-it would be easier if I just moved into a zoo. My fiance put the limit on the 3 kitties we have now-have I introduced Spirit, Butters and Bob? But I digress. Luckily, my class comes with a great support group, and the forums are so helpful-no question is ever ignored or treated as silly-which is great for me. I took med lab tech in college for a year and a half but that was in the 80’s so I have questions a’plenty! Anyone who has helpful tips or thoughts-I welcome them!!


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