“Childbirth, Pregnancy, and the Puerperium”

I just finished this chapter in Module 2 of my coding class-I found it confusing and it took me several frustrating tries to get a 91 on the test. Any tips/help for me?? I went on the next chapter without fully understanding this one as I really needed a break from it-I full intend to go back afterwards and wrestle with it again, but I can’t look at it any more right now. SOS!!


My next door neighbor

Last week my next door neighbor had a massive heart attack and I’m proud to say I had a small part in helping to save a life. I just helped keep her comfortable and chase the response vehicles when they turned down the street the wrong way, but I was glad to help in what little way I could. Today she gets her 3rd stent put in and is expected to be able to come home as soon as tomorrow! It makes me think how quickly life can be taken away or just as quickly saved, and to cherish every moment we have together.


Butters seems better! His appetite his better and he was playing this afternoon-maybe he just had a little kitty-cold and he’s on the mend. He’s napping happily now. I don’t like it when my kitties don’t feel well, they can’t tell me what’s wrong, I have to figure it out myself and make it better for them. Sweet dreams, Buttery boy!


I’m pretty sure he has a cold! He slept w/me all night and has a little kitty snore and his appetite seems off. He’s sleeping now. Hope he’s ok! Is it ok to give the cat Vicks? Bob, the other cat wants to eat it out of the jar like Homer Simpson and the Vaseline which doesn’t seem advisable,  but I can’t imagaine a cat like Vicks smeared on his nose!


I think Butters, my yellow tuxedo tabby, has a bit of a kitty cold. Poor little fella.

Laughs w/old friends

I recently re-connected w/an old friend on Facebook and we just shared a great laugh over an old memory-the way things have been going lately I really needed that!

Chronic pain

Woke up in pain again. Probably over-did it w/the housework that had accumulated.  I went through the house like a whirlwind and got most everything done that I wanted, plus got some school in as well. It’s almost 4 am and I’ve been up an hour already. Gave up and got up to have some tea. My hands, neck and shoulders hurt! May as well try and be quietly productive and get some more school in while I’m up. Even the cats aren’t up yet!! Shhhhhhhhhh……….s’eepy babies.

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