I’m pretty sure he has a cold! He slept w/me all night and has a little kitty snore and his appetite seems off. He’s sleeping now. Hope he’s ok! Is it ok to give the cat Vicks? Bob, the other cat wants to eat it out of the jar like Homer Simpson and the Vaseline which doesn’t seem advisable,  but I can’t imagaine a cat like Vicks smeared on his nose!



I think Butters, my yellow tuxedo tabby, has a bit of a kitty cold. Poor little fella.

Laughs w/old friends

I recently re-connected w/an old friend on Facebook and we just shared a great laugh over an old memory-the way things have been going lately I really needed that!

Chronic pain

Woke up in pain again. Probably over-did it w/the housework that had accumulated.  I went through the house like a whirlwind and got most everything done that I wanted, plus got some school in as well. It’s almost 4 am and I’ve been up an hour already. Gave up and got up to have some tea. My hands, neck and shoulders hurt! May as well try and be quietly productive and get some more school in while I’m up. Even the cats aren’t up yet!! Shhhhhhhhhh……….s’eepy babies.


Ready to get back to school. I’m taking online medical coding courses which I really enjoy. I was surprised how much I remembered from the college courses for med lab tech I took in the ’80s which really helped with my anatomy courses I had to take now. While on unemployment I took several courses on HIPAA which has been helpful with the ethics courses as well.  Here’s to my brighter future doing what I actually like!!

FRI NIGHT DATE NIGHT WOO HOO-it’s Fri and I’m waiting for my fiance to come home so we can have our date night! Going to continue our Sons of Anarchy marathon-started disc 1 of season 1 last week-enjoyed very much!!!

I colored my hair from light red w/grey highlights (hee!!) and can’t wait for fiance to see!


I don’t know whether to panic or celebrate-i just quit the worst job i ever had. I tolerated the office bully
-verbally abusing and heckling me
-throwing folders at me
-not training me as she was supposed to
The final straw came when the mgr questioned my integrity by essentially calling me a liar-that was it.
Of course the office bully would be the office mgr’s pet so there was no getting relief from that… Now on to the next!! Future can only be bright after that awful experience. I figure I will only appreciate whatever comes my way next that much more. Wish me luck!!

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